Located close to the "Loire à Vélo - Boucle 36" cycle route, our reception and service criteria guarantee a service tailored to the needs of cycling tourists.



We provide an efficient service tailored to the needs of people with motor, mental, hearing and visual disabilities.



We are recognised as a key player in the promotion of vine and wine tourism, with a guarantee of the quality of our welcome.



The label that guarantees the quality of our tourist services

Our quality standards are being certified

"To ensure you enjoy a high-quality experience, we launched a highly demanding quality initiative in 2020!

And the high standards we set for the quality of our wines we also wanted to apply to our tourist cellars. Being part of the "Qualité Tourisme" process means being audited by an external, independent firm against more than 250 assessment criteria. We can't wait to be certified! This label will attest to the quality of your visit and ensure that you have an unforgettable tourist experience.

Charles Pain – Domaine Charles Pain


We entered the quality process in 2020 in order to meet the requirements of the National Quality Commitments, essential to your satisfaction, and ultimately to obtain the QUALITY TOURISM.

But what exactly is it? The French government has created the QUALITY TOURISM mark to ensure that the public is always well received and to improve the quality of tourist services in France.

This mark selects and federates under a single symbol the quality approaches committed to public satisfaction. The aim is to provide you with a sign of recognition that will enable you to choose, with complete confidence, establishments that offer quality services.

Through the QUALITY TOURISM mark, the State and tourism professionals are committed to ensuring your satisfaction by guaranteeing a warm welcome, attentive staff, fluency in foreign languages, personalised services, clear and precise information, guaranteed cleanliness and comfort, the discovery of a destination, taking your opinion into account.

To obtain the QUALITY TOURISM mark, we have successfully followed a quality approach that complies with the National Quality Commitments, which represent the essential requirements for your satisfaction.

Certified QUALITY TOURISM professionals, like us, are here to listen to you, thanks to the systematic analysis of satisfaction surveys and complaints. Our services are regularly subject to independent checks at least every 3 years in the form of mystery visits. These procedures enable us to continually improve our services to ensure you are always satisfied.

Mastery of foreign languages

When 1/3 of visitors come from outside France, it's only natural to welcome them in a language that most of them can understand. Our team therefore speaks French and English.

A warm welcome

We wouldn't be true Rabelaisians if we didn't love entertaining! So YES! The quality of our welcome is essential to us! A happy visitor shares his happiness, and that's our success...

An attentive team

It's precisely because we're so demanding when it comes to quality that we take your expectations, preferences and tastes to heart. The visit to the cellar has been designed in response to your constructive comments.

Discovering a destination

As you can see, we're passionate about our region. More than just a tourist destination, we want you to discover the Rabelaisie; a place in the heart of Touraine made up of water, vines and tufa stone... a magical place!