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Do you know our local products?

"As you can imagine, we're fervent supporters of our local gastronomy... So what better way to accompany our fine Chinon wine than with good local produce!

We're keen to promote local producers who, like us, highlight the richness of our terroir... So we've selected enthusiasts and lovers of local gastronomy to bring you quality local products... Ready? Enjoy!

Renaud Desbourdes – Domaine de la Marinière

➞ After a tour of the cellar, we offer a tasting of selected wines.

You can buy our wine and selected local partner products on the spot. So you can continue your tour of Touraine with some good Chinon wine and quality local produce in your luggage! What more could you ask for!



Alain Pageard

Enjoy honey from our Touraine happy-culteur!

Alain PAGEARD helps people to do their bit to protect bees and biodiversity, by proposing accessible and sensible beekeeping. Alain PAGEARD introduces you to the profession of beekeeper, the life of bees and the threats they face. He organises workshops for young and old to learn more about bees.

Through its workshops, it aims to raise awareness of the importance of the role of bees in our environment, to support and develop urban beekeeping that is sensible, fun and accessible to all, to enhance the value of beekeeping skills that are often overlooked or forgotten, to train new generations of responsible urban beekeepers, and to recreate social links around beekeeping.

What a great programme!



Emmanuel Alfaïa

After 15 years as an amateur brewer and obtaining a Brewery Operator diploma from the University of La Rochelle, Emmanuel Alfaïa set up the Brasserie de l'Aurore in 2009 in a fully restored former railway station in Cormery, to stay as close as possible to his roots.

Discover authentic blondes, ambers, whites and browns made in Touraine from a subtle blend of Beauce wheat and barley malts, to which hops, honey and a range of spices have been added.



Sébastien Duboc

Sébastien Duboc is an agricultural engineer. After several years' experience in agriculture and a two-year adventure as a goat farmer and cheesemaker, he decided to give more meaning to his passion for the goat industry.

Based in the heart of the goat basin and the first PDO goat's cheese area in France (Sainte-Maure de Touraine), it sources its goat's milk and by-products locally.

Discover its spreads, olivades, Trempettes and many other products in the range... Made with goat's milk, of course.



Nicolas Hérault

Loire fish rillettes.



Bastien Debruyn

Created in the last century from a small apple orchard, Vergers de la Manse is now an innovative family business recognised for the quality of its fruit grown to the rhythm of the seasons in a sustainable farming approach.

Powered by a passion for fruit and a genuine demand for quality attested to by the Vergers Ecoresponsables label, enjoy home-made juices and nectars, with no added sugars or preservatives to guarantee natural flavours as close to the fruit as possible.



Valérie Raineau Boucher

It's in the south of Touraine, in the Pays de Richelieu, in the heart of the Loire-Anjou-Touraine Nature Park, that Valérie and her husband have planted their Safranière. 400 bulbs at the start of the adventure...

Then they developed the plantation gradually to get the best grasp of planting, cultivation, weeding, uprooting and harvesting...

Careful of nature, they use no phytosanitary products; weeding is only mechanical during the vegetative rest period, or manual or even thermal. No fertiliser is used, only horse manure.

No pesticides are used.

So... Ready to cook?



Famille Dutheil

It's in Chinon, in this part of the Loire Valley where they grew up, that the Dutheil family have decided to treat our taste buds.

Over the years, links have been forged to harvest the fruit and plants that go into their jams. Many of them bear the name of a locality, a garden, or a person, and this is to reinforce the identity of their production.

Their production method preserves the quality of the fruit as much as possible, and they are always cooked in copper basins. Savour these "thousand and one jams"...

You'll go gaga over them!



Famille Herin

Have you heard of the Touraine speciality known as poire tapée? The capital of this ancestral tradition, the village of Rivarennes lives to the rhythm of the fruit.

After harvesting, the fruit is peeled, placed on a rack and baked in a traditional oven. The fruit is then completely dehydrated.

To enjoy it, it is rehydrated according to your choice: chinon wine, brandy, syrup... And it can also be used to enhance cooked dishes. You're sure to love this typical product of the Touraine region!



Guillaume et Karine Turquois

Guillaume and Karine Turquois, from the Joyeux Laboureur farm in Marçay, make pasta from their organic wheat. Well, not officially "pasta" as legislation prohibits the use of the word "pasta" unless the product is made from 100% durum wheat semolina.

Or, the Turquois use flour and a mixture of durum and soft wheat. So they invented their own pasta and by creating their own logo: "Les Épicuriennes". A nod to Rabelais from these two Chinonais pure souche with this idea of authenticity and local roots.

Come and enjoy the "coude- à-coude" - instead of coquillettes -, the "tire-bouchon" - instead of fusilli - or the "bons tuyaux" - instead of macaroni.

Original, isn't it? Come and discover them!



Julien Ondet

Terrines from the Ferme de la Biquette in Crissay-sur-Manse. Géline or Cabri terrine.



Erwann de Kerros

Peppers, salts and spice blends from Terre Exotique de Rochecorbon.


O3 Agri

Cécile Kesteman et Benoit Pontroué

Oils from O3 Agri in Crouzilles.



Who says Touraine, says Rabelais... And who says Rabelais, says Gastronomy! Yes, Rabelais is here with us once again! Although he didn't invent the word "Gastronomie", which we owe to Berchoux in 1801, it is indeed to him that we owe his "concept".

In all his writings, he talks to us about food. So what could be more natural than for us, worthy Rabelaisian heirs, to highlight the gastronomic treasures of our beautiful Touraine...

Touraine boasts such renowned culinary specialities as : Just outside Panzoult, PDO Sainte Maure de Touraine goat's cheese, rillettes de Tours (IGP), rillons, Tours nougat, poires tapées, macarons de Cormery (also known as nombrils de frère Jean because of the hole in the centre of the biscuit), fouaces or fouées tourangelles, Beuchelle, a kidney-based dish, the Géline de Touraine breed of hen, Loire Wines including, of course, our fine AOC Chinon Panzoult wine, Loire fish, brandies (pear or plum), Tours barley sugars, Touraine pumpkin....

Highly productive in terms of agriculture, southern Touraine boasts an exceptional climate that allows it to grow top-quality asparagus, as well as the black gold of Touraine, the famous truffle, saffron...

And wine, of course!