South-west of the city of Tours , the Chinon appellation vineyards are spread over 26 communes in the Indre-et-Loire department, Panzoult being one of them. This appellation area is located mainly on either side of the Vienne river and on a few communes in the Pays de Veron, a region located at the confluence of the Vienne and Loire rivers.

Sloping hillsides, terraces along the Vienne, a few mamelons known as Puys - which have in fact given this name to several localities - the wine-growing landscapes are highly varied. The climate is temperate, with an oceanic influence to the west and a continental influence to the east. Clay-limestone tuff soil with concretioned sands called millarges on the plateau around the town of Chinon.

Thus, the appellation area is determined by a subsoil of Turonian chalk called tuffeau, 50 metres thick in places and several types of soil. Gravel and sand soils along the Vienne and Loire rivers, known as "Varennes" and which have given their name to certain lieux-dits, and clay-limestone tuffeau soils on the hillsides and plateaus overlooking the valleys.

86% of wine production is red, 10% rosé and 5% white.

million bottles of AOC Chinon

The appellation area extends over 26 communes, on either side of the Vienne river, as far as its confluence with the Loire. Chinon, a historic Touraine cru, has produced an average of more than 12 million bottles over the last 5 years, i.e. almost 93,000 hl.
producers in the AOC Chinon area who are passionate about their work

It includes 200 producers working 2300 hectares of vines between Tours and Saumur. 25% of them have chosen to certify their estates, most of them organic, but also biodynamic, sustainable or even High Environmental Value.
predominantly Cabernet Franc with a micro-climate

Facing East-West, the slopes benefit from a very sunny southern exposure. The microclimate is ideal for growing Cabernet Franc. The red and rosé wines are made from Cabernet Franc or Breton. The white is made from Chenin.
Soil types specific to the Touraine region, providing subtlety and roundness

It is the three types of soil endemic to the AOC Chinon area that give this wine its incomparable specificity. The combination of alluvial terraces, limestone slopes and sandy plateaux makes this wine an exception.