Arnaud Florent, Chairman of the Association

Like wine tourism, the development of this "Maison des Vins" has been a resounding success. The proof is in the number of French and international visitors, which increases every year! My winegrower friends and I are proud to be promoting Touraine's gastronomic and wine heritage!

And as our beloved Rabelais said "Drink all the time and never die"..

This association was officially created in 2002... But its origins go back much further. The cohesion between the winegrowers of Panzoult dates back to the time when the desire to all exhibit together at an event was essential to guarantee the growth of the Chinon appellation.

It was born more than 60 years ago out of the desire to bring together the 40 farms in Panzoult, which at the time tended towards mixed farming. We are carrying on the tradition of our ancestors, who wanted to highlight winegrowing for the 15 existing farms.

For 60 years, from generation to generation, on a voluntary basis, these winegrowing families have been involved in making the cellar accessible, opening it to the public and making it safe for everyone to enjoy. The new generation is very involved and dynamic.